"As a career human service professional, I have attended more useless trainings than I can count. I have left feeling there was no application. This training makes you think not only professionally but also personally. It has tremendous application in both areas. Kim is a great trainer. She allows for insight, questions and opportunities to resolve conflicts with the information presented. The training left me wanting to seek more knowledge on Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.”

—Brian A. Bennati, bb165@aol.com

“The Choice Theory/Reality Therapy training is great. It’s informative, interesting, and fun. I have learned so much information that I can use within my profession and personal life. I have enjoyed the training and the trainer. I would recommend this training to everyone I know or don’t know.”

—Sabrina Bell, Sabrina_Bell@excite.com

“What I have learned through my week of Reality Therapy and choice Theory has made me want to change the way I handle my caseload. It has also helped me realize that the things in life that I want I can get if I make the effort to have them. I also have learned how to “use my words” so that when talking to clients I don’t give my personal opinions about their life and help them make the right choices. It was a great learning experience.”

—Lisa Naklicki, Phishsfbd@hotmail.com

“This was, thus far, the best training I ever had. It was never boring and I really enjoyed myself. It was also wonderful getting to know my co-workers better. I learned a lot about myself and how to speak with clients in a non-judgmental way. All the activities were very effective in the learning process.”

—Jill Chiciak, Philadelphia, PA

“The training on Choice Theory provided a very practical, logical way of interpreting and impacting the world around us. I honestly believe that if more people were aware of it, the world would be a much more tolerant and tolerable place.”

—Lancelot Biggs, Philadelphia, PA

“This training was very interactive, hands on, and fun. It will without a doubt help me in my career and my everyday life.”

—Nicole Thompson, nthompson@nfi4kids.org


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